Animation work needed for Eulora, a new Linux MMORPG from MiniGame (S.MG on MPEx)

  1. You will be paid via Bitcoin. There is no alternative to this, MiniGame is a Bitcoin corp.

  2. Show me some samples of what you’ve done before - either here or in #eulora on Freenode.

  3. We agree on a specific task, on the basis of 2, a delivery timeframe, on the basis of your workload, and a price. You might be able to get an advance, depending on the strength of 2 and your general reputation.

  4. You deliver your product - along with a rights transfer cert. This will have to be digitally signed, for which purpose you must have a PGP signature. You get paid. Back to 3.

Eulora needs a ton of work, and MiniGame went public for almost 10k BTC, so this can be potentially very lucrative for the right people. Let me know.

Thanks for everyone sending pms. This is to confirm that yes you will receive an answer if you pm, and yes I am watching this thread, and will for at the very least the rest of this week.