Animation workflow, anyone?

Dear All,
I am trying to animate a robot character running about my scene performing odds and ends with a variaty of props it encounters.
I have a few questions about an animation workflow as I am sure the way I am going about this is incorrect:eek: .
Here is what I have:

  • I have a NLA strip which controls the major locations of all the bones for the animation i.e. I will set a key at the start of the animation and then another key at the destination then another key x number of frames through the animation at the 3rd place I need the character to be etc…
  • I have a NLA strip which controls all the major rotations i.e. the direction he faces as he moves from one location to another, this is to ensure he is facing the correct direction before walking, rolling, running to the next location marker.
  • I have a series of NLA strips for certain actions e.g. Walk cycle, open the box, pick up the club, hitit etc… (each action only contains rotation keys).In the NLA editor I have the strip for location at the bottom, followed by the rotation strip followed by the individual actions (both of these have the hold button depressed).
    Most of the time it seems to work ok however there are times when the rotation strip causes issues with the individual actions.
    Is there a tutorial on animation workflows, best practises, key principles etc…?

Kind regards,

Try adding 2 or 3 frames to the both the Blend In/Blend out options in your strips. This should smooth things out a little between strips. Its not perfect but it might be enough.

Thanks for the reply, I will try it out later.
However is my approach correct? ie. 1 nla strip for locations and 1 for directional rotations
How do other people animate?

damn. i wrote longish reply and it got lost.
i don’t feel like writing all that again, but basicly i was saying that there will be new options for you in next release, to ease up walk cycle animations…

check out this link: