(BgDM) #1

For those of you that did not get to see my fly-by animation on blender.nel, here is the link:

right click and “save file as” on the starfighter.avi. 1.2 Meg, 12 sec., divx format

For some reason, this only seems to play correctly in “The Playa” from Divx.

For those of you who’s comments i got to see, thanks. For those of you who’s I did not see, please repost:)


Blender will never die as long as there are those that utilise it’s power!

PS: Many thanks to Timothy Kanters for hosting this on elysiun. The blender community and I really appreciate it.

(pofo) #2

link didn’t work for me, but I remember it. Nice animation :slight_smile:

(BgDM) #3

I didn’t like my first attempt at this one. So I redid it!:slight_smile:

The stars in thwe world texture just did not look right moving around in the first one. So this time, I parented the ship to an empty and then to a path, instead of the camera to a path in the first one.

This one looks much better, IMHO!

Let me know what you think.

Right click and save on Starfighter2.avi.



(macke) #4

Amazingly, you have a great sense of depth in this anim. Way better than the first one! Keep at it!

(SKPjason) #5


I agree with Macke about the depth and feel of your piece.

Take a bow.

Amazing modeling. Great texturing. I hope we’ll see some scenes involving this ship… hinthint… :wink:


(BgDM) #6

Hey guys. Thanks alot for the comments. This was my first real attempt at doing an animation in blender.

SKPJason: I hope to use it again. But not sure when. I need to learn how to use the armatures and do a character anim next.


(saluk) #7

Quite cool, makes me want to start working on my space game again. I just love interestingly designed space ships, and they aren’t too hard to make either. Yours is very attractive, good job!