When I create a Raw Avi, Blender will play it perfectly, but any other programs i try to run it in, dont work properly and i see a weird image.

All the other video types dont work either, is there a way to fix this?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks

I am gonna tell you the trick: avi raw file is an uncompressed file. It is a very huge file and almost all home user PCs can´t playback it in real time. You should try some codec (with good settings by the way) that makes the file smaller, with good quallity and don´t requires great computers to show your animation.

So what, specifically, do you suggest?

MSMPEG 4/DivX/Quicktime DV/… google for further information on those

I believe you should try XivD (opensource) or DivX for avi files, and On2 and MP4 for quicktime files. These codec allow you to have good quality and very small files.

Link: XviD Windows
Link: DivX
Link: On2

MP4 comes with the last version of Quicktime.

However if you desire compatibility you should use MPEG that does not create such good quallity files like the others but any computer can playback it without need to install any codec (it is already included in almost all OS I know). Blender does not creat it. You must save your animation as a image sequence (tga or jpg) and use other soft to create the MPEG. The one I use for this is TMPGEnc that is free and very good.

Link: TMPGEnc English

thanks pedro, ill try that program u mentioned

thanks again

yeah, the avi raw and the avi jpg are not recognized by many other progs but their main advantage is that they can be put into the seq editor as movie strips and you can then re-encode without another app…(in the windows version anyway…) What I do is render to avi jpg ( smaller and only 1 file compared to sep pics) and then load the movie strip in the seg editor and set the codec to xvid and get a divx in a matter of seconds… This way you can also try several different codecs on the same animation in a very short time…

BTW - avi jpg doesnt use transparency so if you are going to special effects you will need to use png or targa separate pics - but the seq editor will take those too…

paprmh is right in this point: you should only compress the final movie.

If you are going to work on it (edit, add special effects etc.), then I would suggest you to use the targa sequence (the best choice in my opinion) until you have the final movie. After doing all the work, you can use Blender or Virtualdub (other great program) to encode (compress) the movie.

If you work with compressed files all the time, it means you are going to compress a compressed file several times and the result will be a poor quality video file.

wow, thanks for all the information

Then use DDClip (old version is free :slight_smile: ) to encode the sound track into the file. Record the sound track as a WAV file using the sound recorder and your microphone, or by any other method to get a WAV file (like if you want music).