Hi it me Byron Stewart,

want know how use Steep turn, 45 Degee take off, 90 Degree etc also i need want know how can smooth not want few second delay then move few second delay move

Select the Object. Goto the IPO Editor. Select all Curves (A). In the header bar choose Curve >> Interpolation Mode >> Linear (or Constant if you want 90 deg).


Hi i want know what about other can show me any picture for example

when i make different 2 or 3 want seprate motions like for example when camera turn look at sky then space shuttle arrive then camera slow down then other person walk or director whatever can different how ?? i want know how use that thank you i mean tat how can 2 or 3 each different motions animation not want same time with all move i want different seprate if know how use that please can show picture or whatever ok thank you

[email protected] and i will try look for Attachments one problem i tried upload in my upload hard for that but whatever anyway

Look at Handles on that Page (change Handle-Types in Edit mode).

You can also make the Camera ‘look’ at an Object (use an EMPTY [add >> empty] for an invisible object) by putting a Track-To Constraint on the Camera and type in the name of the Empty as the Target.

A picture is too much work when I’m not sure what you want it to show. What is your home language?


i am English i know you hard read that becuase I am Deaf and Mute full that why i am born deaf and mute also that why i type not ASL and English ASL that mean American Sign Language that why

Aha, now I understand. I made up a quick blend for you to study. The Camera has a TrackTo constraint on it (bottom-Left window) and the Empty called “Camera_Target” is animated and makes the camera ‘look’ at the different objects.

Put your mouse-cursor in one of the IPO windows and press Shft-Alt-A to see the animation. Then select the Empty in the Top-Left window and look at the IPO’s that belong to it.

Play it and then you can ask if there’s anything you don’t understand.


Fligh …thanks for including your blend animation. This kind of offering is great for those working to understand more about animation. There are others in the forum who are very generous with there knowledge as well. It’s appreciated. I’ll try to work through your example and see if I can make it work