I have no experience with animation.:no:
As an amateur Blender artist, I have just enough experience with Blender to model some things for fun.:yes:
My goal in learning animation is to animate a comic strip I’ve drawn on paper, entitled “Cookies,” which is mostly about some of my friends and me and partially about “I wanna cookie!” (inside joke I can explain if you would like me to do so):spin:
If anybody out there has an infinite, overflowing excess of spare time and generosity, I ask that they please help me “lern 2 animoot.”
I’ll be shortly making a model of one of the main characters in case we need that to practice (it may be best to practice on a model I’ll be using, since I’ll be animating it later anyway).:wink:

start there.
then here:


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PM me or email me ([email protected]) for more help, or if this does not help.