How do you design animation in Blender 2.49a? How can these files be exported into Ogre SDK, and will there be a .skeleton file?

How do you build a skyscraper? Please answer in 30 words or less.:eyebrowlift:
This will get you familiar with blender’s methods.

You don’t know anyway rude rude rude rude!!!

Regarding your PM.

Whoah, I apologize. I was trying to be funny with my comment about skyscrapers (obviously badly), and also convey my impression of the enormous scope of your question. Usually, people ask things like how do you set keys? or How do you convert actions to nla strips? I have done a leetle bit of animation in blender though…

not the best but not the worst either. I obviously underestimated your level of talent and for that I am sorry.
I will change my post in your thread, and not post again if you like. I was trying to get you started, and I thought if you haven’t taken that tutorial it could explain things better than anyone.
I am ready to help if you need it.

edit: Please don’t get mad.
Again my deepest apologies, I have perhaps been reading too much british humor.
(I know he’s american but with the dryest wit I’ve ever seen)

Oh, and my name is n00bie because I have realized that I will always be a noob. Just as the wise man in his wisdom, realizes how small his knowledge is compared to the sum of all knowledge. And the more he gains the greater his understanding of how much he does not know.

BTW - animation is a great name. I can’t believe it wasn’t taken, congrats! As I should have said earlier, welcome to the forums.:o

Dear Animation, don’t expect to get answers nor help if you just behave like that … just hit “I” key for animation but you already know this (your nick says so).

Wow… this is a much more even-keeled forum than I am used to. Really a diplomatic response, NOOBIE.

I think if I had received that PM, I wouldn’t have responded so apologetically…

@ animation: When you come to forums to seek help, you should be:

A) specific in your questions
B) Have tried things on your own first (listing the things you tried helps, because then people know what to suggest) and
C) Be respectful of those who answer with some sort of help… and, yes, pointing you to a link that you may not have seen is actually a helpful response…