I am having a horrible time with blender recently, i usually just use the game engine or rendered images, but ive decided to move on to try out animation in blender 2,53 and 2.53, i renderd my animation, then got to the point at which i want to save it. i cant find anything, when i do save it it saves as a jpeg, or as a single frame in AVI format, and i dont want you telling me the bullshit about how you click f10 to get the scene window and do this and that and blah blah blah, because it doesnt work in 2.5. i dont get any popups, nothing, i cant save animations at all

If you want help in the future, it always helps to ask politely. Now how to render out animations properly:
Make sure you have a start and end frame number in the timeline
In the render settings:
Select the output location to where you want the animation to be saved.
If you want a video select a video format such as xvid
Set the codec settings as you want or just keep the default
Press the animation button
If you select an image format you’ll get a series of images, one for every frame
For a long animation I’d recommend rendering out as an image sequence. You can then stop/start the animation rendering at any point without risk of corrupting your video file.