I was wondering how in CGI movies the charators can react with object like sitting, grabing thing and making inprint well
you know seeing pressure on the skin of the fingure when picking up something.
well I hope there some one know what im talking about. thank you for reading.

for general interaction such as sitting or grabbing something… its all about good animation skills… (learned from the ground up , not from a tutorial)…

things such as skin deformation based on collision, is effectively just shape keys and soft body modification, you animate the character, once this is done you can use shapekeys and/or softbody to make things “react” properly, such as the cushion on a seat deforming under the characters weight, or the shape of a characters hand deforming as the character grasps a sword hilt, (for example)

You should keep in mind though , these things are usually automated to a certain degree, an animator rarely needs to set up softbody modifications to make a character look “right”

on a more general note, character interaction can be often easily achieved by adding the occasional animated constraint to the armature… this is a useful approach

example 1 : two characters shaking hands would have the hands IK controllers connected by a child of constraint, this would be animated so ONLY when the characters hands are “together” would the constrain be activated meaning you can animate ONE hand during the “handshake” and the other would follow it. you can later modify both animations, as long as you leave the hand IK controller alone it will look good

example 2: a character scratches his head, you could animate it by hand or you could constrain the hands IK controller to the main head bone, now animate the headscratch… now if you decide at the last minute that the character is stood wrong, or you want him to lean a forwards a little, you can edit his animation but leave the hand IK controllers keyframes alone, as you tweak the animation, the hand will follow the head, so the “headscratch” willl not be destroyed by editing.

for both of these examples you could implement a softbody approach to the areas you need (hands and fingertips)… AFTER the animation has been completed…

Thanks that helps, Ill give it a try and see how it goes.:yes: