Animation ?

I was wondering. if a animation is made with composting in things like after effects for color grade and particles or, can you do all this in Blender in the composting? I know in Blender it has depth changes and camera focus so, wondering if you would need after effects for the particles and color grade?

Yes Blender can do all that composting.

Take a look at Blender window layout; top menu bar there should be“Default” showing. In that window layout, you create and edit 3D objects.

For animation, switch to “Animation” window layout. You will find Dope sheet and Graph editor screen there. This is were you create your animation. Camera focus and movements are all part of animation and it is done here.

And then there is “Video Editing” window layout. That is where animation, sound and special effect are assembled. Read up on those windows.

Yes, you can do it in Blender, but if you have AE and know your way around it already, it’ll be far faster to stick with that. Depending on your background, Blender’s learning curve can be very steep for some things.

Thanks guys for the info. so far the only animation tutorial I see is the bird from blender cookie . I am still a newbie to blender but, I have these ideas I’m trying to bring to life but I need to get more education and some learning in so I can know what Blender can do besides modeling. one more thing, is teal lighting and warm and cool color lighting an any tutorials you know of? I noticed this one video I watched on how they made the incredibles and this lady showed how she made this night scene using a blue lamp and some other cool colors to set the mood. This lighting I find kind of neat.

You can do color grading in the compositor with a Color Balance node, or in the VSE with the Color Balance modifier. There are three color wheels for shadows, midtones and highlights. You can adjust the color for each. Before you go overboard with the teal and orange, you might want to read this…

Steve S