Animations for 8k showreel for CESNET and

Hi guys,
i am student of CG preparing 5 minute showreel for company named CESNET (
They are going to present their 8k streaming technology in September on the kinda interesting festival in Amsterdam called IBC (

The thing is that we have to prepare 8k (or 10k) and we are missing interesting content to show there (there are basically no artists in CESNET).

Everyone is using samples from Tears of Steel and other Blender movies, but I would really love to choose some of your animations. If you have anything interesting to offer (demolitions, animals, nature, … basically whatever you want :slight_smile: what I can render in 8k (10k) I would love to see that.

I will go through all of them, choose the winners (if there will be enough people who have something to show :slight_smile: and render them in 8k on machines which is CESNET providing.

The final result will be presented on IBC.

Only thing I can offer right now is to put your credit on the showreel so some interesting people from audio-video world could notice that.

I will have basically the same (credit + little bit more work for editing the showreel :slight_smile: but I don`t want to show just our work. (

If you have something nice, just let me know :).

Thank you
Josef K.

It looks awesome :). If you would be able to prepare just the simple animation along the fence it could work pretty well :slight_smile:

How many machines is cesnet providing? They have to be a lot powerful if you want to render animations in 8k, one frame of my scene took 20 minutes to render in 1080p on a single i7 overclocked machine, in 8k means 16 times the render time, that is 5 hours per frame on a single machine like mine… If you use GPUs it changes :slight_smile:

Anyway, I rearranged my scene for an animation, I’ll send it to you soon :slight_smile:

Ok, they have few :slight_smile: ->

Oh damn… Wow! I would like to have even just a few of these cpus :slight_smile: now 'im sure you’ll not have any problem x) Anyway, if you choose it, will you send me the animation once rendered? :slight_smile:

yes I can do that. It will take some time since I have to learn how to use the performance :slight_smile: but it shouldn`t be a problem.


Hopefully theirs no copywrite issues. The TARDIS is from a very popular British TV Show.

Hopefully not :).