Animations for hands

Hello, can someone create some animations for me, with the following .blend file:

(The .blend file is shared by eGlyde, it is not mine)

The hands are fully rigged, and what I want are the 4 following animations:

Please note that the right hand will always carry a flashlight like that, so act like it. And there is a head camera already place from where you can see the hands.

–>relaxing, where both arms and hands do a tiny motion in order to give the character the feel of breathing (here it might help moving the camera at the head also).

–>checking the watch, at the left arm near the hand I am gonna place a watch. So I ll need the left hand to make an action like this while the right one remains unaffected.

–>grab, where the left arm goes forward and the hand does something like this:

–>sprinting, well if you don’t what exactly i mean, here it is:

I intend to use the animations in a game, so let me know if you need more info.

What kind of time frame are you looking at for these animations? If I have some spare time, I’d be glad to practice some animation again.

What kind of game is this going to be for? If I do indeed help out with this, could I have a video capture of the final animation in the game for my demo reel?

Let me know (here or in a PM)!