Animations from Maya or Max to Blender

I wish to know how one can import animations to Blender from other software like Maya or 3DSMAX? I tried FBX, DEA, .3DS but I have no idea what is wrong. The meshes are just thrown away, the animations do not play.
Thanks in advance.

FBX should work. If you link me or email me the Maya file I can test it out and tell you what steps are needed. I have Maya and Blender only, no 3ds Max.

3DS is only mesh data (Never use this junk format, it’s a hundred years old and outdated. Instead use OBJ for meshes.)

Thanks for the help.
Within the google drive link I send an FBX and a Maya 2017 scene file (sorry, recently upgraded :frowning: )
At the moment Blender doesn’t even open the fbx file, even though it is only under 400 KB

Where did you send the google drive link?

Point cache is a great way to do this (MDD files). That way, you can get any cloth sim or whatever. I’ve test this and it works great… just can’t remember the details of how I got it working.

Sorry, I messed up the post and didn’t check.
Here is the LINK

Any luck, @thedaemon if you had the time to check it?