Animations like this.....

really inspire me. This is just great.

I hope at least one person here enjoys this as much as I do.

Oh God yes. That was hilarious.

hahaha. I love this stuff. Is this a real movie? or just short animation?

From what I hear it’s a added bonus on a Wall-E dvd

No, it’s the short which precedes Ratatouille.

This is one of my favorite Pixar shorts! I believe that this was the one with Ratatouille.


SchnitzelKiller beat me to it!

My favourite Pixar short has to be One Man Band.

Wall-E came with Burn-E.

you can see all of them here :slight_smile:

I’m one of those few that doesn’t like pixars story telling. Everything seems dumbed down in a very advanced technological art. Like student short with millions of dollars to spend.

Yeah…it’s what I heard. Guess the guy at work got it wrong :wink:

Wall-E came with Presto… lol…

My favorite is one man band aswell, is was simply excellent.

I’m not paying to watch those.