animations of armature has a culling ?

i read time ago somewhere a intention of Moguri to do it . (but not precisely “how”)

maybe now in already in trunk or not yet?

what i mean is :

armature is visible = animation run normally
armature is not visible = bone not perform any “transformation” (heavy) but the frame continue to run as normal.

i need to read the state of armature ,if playing or not, or directly the frame of the action to manage the logic that must be synced with the action, but this mean also that a character 2 kilometers far, need to run usenless its armature, to not breack the logic.

so i done a system that run parallel to the armature but is really redundant and pretty limitated.

so my question is if there already this ability :
read the frame of armature when is active and also when is “culled” (active but light)

BUMPETE !!! :slight_smile:

anyone know?? i take days to dowload a “lastest version” ! please!

It’s already there. You can test it out by creating a basic rig with armature and making a tall shadow for it. Yo’ll then notice from the shadow that the armature pauses when it gets out of camera field.

PS. I don’t think that there are any call backs for when it’s culled.