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(Lombriz) #1

Hi, I’m interested in the web 3d plugin for blender (so that people can see my blend animation files and if i learn how to do so, interactive blend files). I understand (from examples I’ve seen) that messing with realtime buttons is needed to achieve so, but I just recently started with blender (and in 3d modelling for that matter :stuck_out_tongue: ) so I have no clue. Could someone please adress me to a tutorial on this subject or give me some basic steps (ie. i have an animation and I want it to be viewed with the explorer with the 3d plugin -you know, that thingie about the rainbow bunny :wink: - )

Thanks in advance.

(haunt_house) #2

found this one

And for embedding your file into a website, there is a bit of documentation at, otherwise look into the source code of an example.

I also make my first steps there at the moment.


(Lombriz) #3

me again…
now i know how to embed the blend file, and i even managed to play an animation when i hit the p key in the creator, but when i try to load it on the browser the bunny keeps spining even though the loading bar has reached the end… :frowning: …what can i do?