animations playing at random ? :(


Im having a slight problem, when ive done say a 50 frame animation ect. on one scene and press play animation. It plays the animation I was currently working on, but then suddenly starts playing the previous 3 animations ive made as well. only snippets of them though and not the full allocated frames I made for them.

any ideas? hope I explained clearly enough

The animations are probably different lengths. Blender stores images in a temp folder, the files are called 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg, etc. They get played back in sequence. If you make a new animation with fewer frames, the new frames will replace the old frames with the same numbers, but the higher numbered frames will remain.

I suspect that’s what’s happening to you. The simple fix is to give each of your animations a unique name, in the Render Buttons Output panel, folder for /tmp\ “Folder to output Pics to.”

The more complicated fix is to find the temp folder and erase all the files in it before you start rendering another animtion.

thanks a million mate

also I have another question.

If I animate water flowing say down a slope then onto a level ground the water doesnt touch the object when it reaches the level ground it sort of hovers inches above it.

Im trying to animate a wave of water washing over a city. But the water is just too unprecise.

any ideas?

I haven’t played around much with fluid sims on my wuss computer. However, Tony Mullen wrote a great book about Blender’s simulation capabilities calledBounce Tumble and Splash.