Animations (.smd format)

EDIT: I figured out how to do this.

So yeah, I just started with this yesterday… so dont know much, and the program looks complicated.

But anyway I have this model in .smd format, and I have multiple anim files for that model all in their own .smd files.

^I have installed the addon to load those files in blender.

The problem im having is loading all the anim files, it seems I can only load 1 since it will just overwrite that when I load another one.

^After that I guess I would need to somehow save the model itself as .fbx file and then all the anims in their own .fbx files.

Would really appreciate if some1 could help me with this.

be sure that you name each anim file differently as you load them in…

In Blender this done by using the Dope sheet and ‘Action Editor’…

that is to say… each loaded Animation will have to have a unique ‘action’ name…