Animations will not play in blender game?

I am a complete noob to blender, so if this sounds like a stupid question, im sorry. When i make an animation (in this case, a gun kickback) and try to put it in my game it just wont play, i have all the game logic set up correctly (i think). i have included a screen shot of the game logic below. Is the problem that my game logic is attached to the gun?

thx in advance

P.S. this animation is four frames long.

the actuator is set to shape action. if you make your gun kick back using keyframes. (just like a normal animation) it should be set to ipo
when you make an animation it is saved to the objects ipo. This can work in your game but you can only have one action. you can simply change the actuatior to ipo, or you could make the animation agian under the action editor. in this case i dont think that will be necesary.

you can go ahead and send me a private message if you have any questions chanses are i wont see this tread again.

Sorry i was using 2.49 this is how it is in 2.5

the ipo actuator was changed to F-curve.

and action was changed to shape action

ill post one more image


here is the other picture