Hello, I want to building a simple rpg and am trying to get around to creating models for it. I wanted to know how are animations done? Animations that can be accesed individually/independently through code. Also about creating textures(UV mapping?).If anyone could point me to somewhere to learn, a tutorial or the like or better yet allow me to contact him through an instant messenger I’d be grateful. I’ve looked into the book noob to pro and the blender documentation but found them to be too general/not concerning or dealing broadly/specificly with the topics I am concerned with.


Check out OTO’s tutorials. Like his Little OTO one. Some are a bit out of date but it should get you started.

Hmm… I didnt find that page very helpful… I’ve been through this tutorial

the character you create, I tried exporting it to use it in a program, however, in the model viewer the eyes showed up out of place and the model itself/textures appeared… well wierd… The animations didnt seem to have been exported although I did select the export animations option in the .x exporter on blender.

Is there anything I should know about exporting models with their materials/textures and animationS?