A friend of mine from a game studio asked me to give him his reel. My reel thou is more suitable for a advertisement studio then a videogames one, so he asked me to prepare some animation. This is what I did so far. Some shot has to be roughed up I think. What do you think?


I’m no animator, but from a simple viewer perspective the animations seem well done with believable and expressive body language. the larger gross motions like lifting the rock and pushing the block show good timing with the dramatic efforts of straining to hoist the rock and move the block. The animated plastic soldier was excellently done with his shooting and moving while still being partially hobbled by his stand.
Facial animations were good as well and believable in their actions. Although a little more expressiveness could have been applied
The plastic creature with the big head showed pretty good quadruped actions of jjumping running and crouching.

So overall you appear quite competent at your craft. However the preview short seems too long. I think in most showreels shorter is better. I don’t know the recommended time limit for clips but six seconds seems plenty for a particular scene. just my thoughts

Convincing character movement with the lifting of the heavy weight and the large block. There is a part where he gets it on the block and seems to throw it across - I would think that wouldn’t happen considering how much effort it was to pick up.
Also his hands slip through the block momentarily. I’d check that if you are using this to get potential work.

The close up of the talking head is very good (I’m no animator, but I’ve seen many people speak) - it does seem to be long - I’d cut it in half and add something new.

The guy with the gun - you can tell that there is some type of rotation constraint applied. I couldn’t do better with the walk and squat - just helping you perfect things.