So I am making an animation for my friend, it turned out well. But I just dont know where/how to download it and stuff. Im a newbie. So basicly a stupid question for all you pros. Thanks in advance.

BTW, where do we add in textures?

could you be more specific about what your issue is? are you wanting to render the animation to a video file? or are you wondering how to upload a video file to the web?

So you are mak’ing’ and animation that turn’ed’ out well. Are you using an online third party software? We have no idea what you mean.

As for textures, just google for beginner tutorials.

Sorry, was in a rush. I need to know how to save an animation as a gif/video file. If possible.

In the render panel, on the right, go to the ‘output’ section where you can choose file format. select from the menu one of the video formats, such as avi jpg. , or MPEG. Set your output directory to someplace where you’ll be able to find your file, such as your ‘my videos’ or ‘videos’ folder, and press the ‘animation’ button at the top.