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so im making an fps game, and it seems like no matter how hard i work, and how much time i take to work on my game, the finished product doesnt look like it will come in the next 2 years. so i was looking to form a team to make an fps game, wut i would need is modelers, animators, and someone to work the game logic, i can do the python scripting and the storyline. or if u need a python scripter/storyline maker for ur game, then id be happy to help. :smiley:
thanks in advanced!

If you wan’t to start a team up you’ve got to present a game design document, some proof of your commitment and basically some incentives to others to join.

FPS game is too vague.

I know people will probably contradict me and pledge their life and soul to your game and become die hard team members but without proper organization assets will be built for a month with a few bricks to move them around and then members start dropping.

I always hope that these topics will succeed which is why I’m warning you to plan ahead and have realistic schedules. You won’t make a game in less than six months if you want to make a full length one.

…or quite frankly find someone already making a game that you like the look of and offer to help. I honestly think that the lack of more games that really push the BGE to the limit has less to do with technology and more to do with everyone wanting everyone else to work on their game, and that very few people are willing to work in someone else’s team.

To give you redit, you did say “or join a team” in your title and I’m as guilty as anyone else, making my own game. Still, I have a project plan and haven’t asked anyone to help yet. This is more just a general rant than anything about you Lipsonfire! :slight_smile:

Well the game is named (for lack of a better name) “fight the power”
It’s like fear 2 meets half life 2, your a regular guy that finds out that a biotech company named “Skylar Corporation” is performing human testing in order to find a cure for DEATH! And as u might have guessed by now, yes, something goes terribly wrong and the virus gets unleashed on the world, but before the virus got out, our charcter went on a covert mission with some extremists to take down skylar Corp, our character is assigned to plant charges In a small skylar facility, just to demonstrate how committed the extremists are to bringing down this company. The facility is soon nothing but rubble!
Day 1 after the incident:
A murder of a whole family is reported, the extent of the murder is gruesome, no human being could do what the murderer has done to his family.
Day 2 after the incident:
Similar murders have been happening around the suburbs, and the bodies from the first murder have mysteriously disappeared.
Day 3 after the incident:
Riots break out in the street, the people of New York city believe that skylar corp was experimenting with a new, more dangerous, even deadly to the elderly, strain of the common cold.
Day 4 after the incident:
An epidemic has spread through the city, hospitals are flooded with people all complaining of the same thing, odd rashes, whooping cough, and vomitting up strange fluids.
Day 5 after the incident:
Our character wakes from a coma In a deserted hospital. Ironically, the only thing he remembers of his life is the part that skylar Corp wants to kill him for, he doesn’t even remember his own name. Our character finds that not only does he need to fight an Infection, but also he must fight the corrupt government that was bribed by skylar Corp. If our character wants to expose skylar Corp for what it really is, then he’ll have to make it out of the city alive.

The training level would be when you go to plant the charges in the facility, the first level would be the hospital, and the second till the last level will be In the city/suburbs, however the last level will be in… Well, Only the developers will be allowed that information :wink:

I’m a modeler, I do characters and textures. if you show me some character sketches, and what you have planned I can send you some blend files.

tell me what you think, tell me what needs to be changed.

so…how many polygons we talking about.

Couple words of advice from experience:

If this is your first attempt at a game, don’t shoot so high. I’ve shot too high in the past on several games only to not finish them. The more you work on games the more you learn and better design code and other things.

The even better advice is, if your just looking for artists, then code up a prototype. You can get your idea across by using boxes for almost all the objects in a world. It’s 100% easier to get artist’s when you show them something.

this isnt my first attempt at a game. and i made a character sketch for the main character, ill upload it in a sec

This is quite a cool premise actually. My only crit is the cliché amnesiac protagonist. Since a lot of the testing would have been secret (due to the high level of corporate espionage in the pharmaceutical industry) he could just learn about the research as he goes on. The who am I / Where am I plot is so over done.

I would also try to make the company less than pure evil. They were doing research for the good of man so they are good deep down. It could have just gotten out of hand and the execs got scared.

You should get some animation/short film talent from the animation forum to make up a cool CG intro. I can imagine it being very cool in a dawn of the dead kind of way.

i will like to join u :smiley: im not very exsperiences on blender but im very good with logic bricks xP and u sayd u needed that, i offer myself to help if u want. :slight_smile: i got some idea on fps sence i made 1 before, but not finished it :stuck_out_tongue:

We are going to need an artist for concept art so the modelers have more to work with.

ive been watching this thread for a while and i have a couple ideas. i can draw them easily and ill do my best to model them.

Sounds good jrummrboi, I already got someone for modeling, but I do need a sketch artist, I tryed to sketch some myself but it was crappy.

What do u want the vehicles and the people to look like. do u want modern day machines (probably not because you wouldn’t need a sketch). Or are you looking for a more futuristic approach like half-life as you mentioned earlier.

Hello lipsonfire,

please take a look on my project.
We could collaborate

well jrummrboi i messaged u, but just to be clear, this is set in modern day new york city. i say its like hlf life loosly becuz it has both gunfights and zombies just like in half life 2

except we will be focussing more on the zombies.

heres wut we’ve got:

  1. sketch artist (Jrummr Boi)
  2. 3d modeler (auman annubis)
  3. logic expert (shotforce)
  4. Python scripter (lipsonfire)
  5. storyline scripter (also lipsonfire)

all we need now is:
6. animator (this is a no noob job, u must be pro :smiley: )
7. level designer (i can do this if we dont find anyone for this)

this message will be posted on the official thread and sent in a PM to our current members.

Just create one first level and then start a level design contest, so you don’t have to do so much work.

you said you were good at python scripting, i made a topic last night (which no one replied too -.-) asking for people who can script or texture, if youd still like to join our team that would be great, were in need for some experienced python scripters to help us out

Anyone who wants to join a team, the YoFrankie project has some points going for it

  • Its had a version already released, contributions will go into the next version.
  • We have an SVN server where teh game is hosted and devs/artists can get commit access, and mailing list.
  • Its one of the bigger games made with the BGE, future versions of the BGE will need to run this too.
  • There is some developer support for this game :slight_smile:
  • Linux distributions can have packages for this (fedora does already)
  • There are existing assets you can re-use.

So its not got cool guys with guns running about on a space ship but still…

This is what i have so far. i didnt do the marine because i want to make sure i have to. i added a mask to the main character just because if people have them for swine flu, a person would probably have one for a zombie virus. i also gave the SWAT guy a mask.