Animator and texture Artist needed for Sci-Fi, RPG, game development


I am currently building a team for a project entitled INT. I plan on explaining the game and our intentions in the space below. It is my hope that this will not turn out to be a wall of text!

INT is short for Interstellar and it is a Sci-Fi, RPG, with space-western elements. This game is meant to be played with a party system, that allows you to fight your way through ‘dungeons’ from a top-down perspective and is modeled in 3D.

We are working on a playable demo that will be available to the public. This is so we can have something to show to the gaming community and hopefully secure fundraising through crowd fundraising sites, go for greenlight, and begin a rolling PR cycle.

Currently our staff is filling out nicely and we are working hard on building a  game, but we need animators and texture artists. Anyone who joins our staff will receive equitable revenue shares from both any fundraising we attempt and also from game sales.  

Our current staff includes me (project lead), 3D modeler, Concept Artist, Sound Composer, Sound Designer, Two Coders, and a Quest Designer.

Again, we really need animators, texture artists, and even an additional concept artist. If anyone is interested in these positions please contact me at [email protected] or apply at

Additional information: While we have concept artists and modelers already we would like to expand this department and find additional concept artists and modelers. Please contact me or apply if you are an interested concept artist or modeler.

Technical Information: You will need to have knowledge of the unity game engine and be prepared to use google hangout, skype, email, trello, and the forums on a regular basis. An art test may be required for any interested applicants.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Sample Concept Art, Models, and Information upon request.

Contact: [email protected]

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