Animator [Defered Pay] for MMORPG in alpha stage

I’m a 3D asset artist for the MMORPG Divine Warfare.

We are a team of 30-40 members, spread across the world, that are working on our free time to make this happen. We communicate via Hipchat.
You can read about the game here:

This is a DEFERRED PAY position! Meaning that you WILL GET PAID when the game makes money (according to the work you put in). (Crowdfunding at first) Further collaboration is very likely as well.

I’m trying not to make this text too big, so if you are interested in spending a few hours per week on this and being a game dev then contact me! :smiley: Even if you don’t have much experience apply anyway!

We are currently looking for an animator to undertake tasks like:

  • Human-like character animations
  • Various gameplay animations

If I still have your attention here are the details:
The game engine is UE4.
You can use any programs you want.
We will also guide and help you to learn the ropes of the job if necessary.
The game has been in production since April 2014 and we are now officially in ALPHA stage!
Meaning you can download and see the world you will be creating! (Not much right now, but that’s why you and I are here!)
The games’ community was already a few hundreds even before it released a single picture!

Just to clarify:
We do NOT ask for any information about you. So long as you can work with us you are welcome! There is also absolutely no risk involved for you. The only one putting money in this project is the Project Leader.

If you’re interested talk to me here: [email protected] or [email protected] if you are interested.