ANIMATOR NEEDED!!!!!!! (Details inside...)

Ok, heres the deal: Im working on a new game (working title: Half Pipe Dreams). Its a skateboarding game, with pretty good graphics i guess (pics later) but my only problem is that I cant animate. I need a few *.bvh files (if you dont know how to make them PLEASE visit Michael’s Blender Site) The animations I need are:

  • Push
  • Ollie
  • Kickflip
  • Heelflip
  • Impossible
  • Pop Shuvit
  • Grind (balancing on a rail)
  • any other tricks/thing sb related…If you know where I can find these type bvh’s or are interested in making any of them for me, please post a comment or <i>email me</i> with the subject line “Michael”



Give this guy a try I bought some animations from him and he had a couple that he claimed were a guy riding surfboard (what I wanted), but was more like a guy on a skateboard (what I didn’t want). It was pretty cheap but of marginal quality. Maybe you’ll do better than I did.

Edit: I just checked and it looks like he’s got a bunch of “skateboard” motions in this Crazy Bones/Lazy Bones collection.

Heh, mocap.

What’s wrong, can’t animate straight up?

I suggest that you don’t occupy yourself with the “lifelike” aspect all that much. That’s not what games are about.

Please post some pictures of your current progress. Most people dont respond well to the thrill of having the privilege to put their own time and effort into somebody elses game.

OKay, so I found some files in amc/asf, got a converter, and got the bvh importeer script, but it wont work!!! Grrrrr. I need some one to help me with importing the bvh files.