Animator needed - first-person parkour game

Lemma is a first-person parkour game, like Mirror’s Edge.

I put in placeholder animations and models for the current demo version. I now have a new character model with a standard Rigify setup, but I really need a professional to do the animations.

I need a total of 33 brief animations, all meant to be viewed from a first-person camera. Some of them are just poses. It’s probably under 45 seconds of animation total.

PM me or Skype (et1337) if you’d like to know more.

Thanks everyone! The position has been filled.

Maybe you already know it, but DICE released some sliders about the animations of mirror’s edge

On DICE’s website, there are some videos as well.

Nothing huge, but you could find some useful informations

And by the way, I’m a big fan of Mirror’s Edge and your project looks really great ! I’ll definitively play it :slight_smile: