Animator Needed!

Hey. I am making a game with Microwave, and Blenderizer. We are coming up with a demo as quickly as possible. I am doing AI and UI, Blenderizer is currently doing possible models and textures, and Microwave is working on our landscape and architecture. We need at least 1 more person. We need an animator that can create walk cycles, and attack cycles… If anyone would like to join, please post or pm me.

~Red Hand

ermm so someone to do all the hard stuff?

you saying that it’s easy to program the AI and Create the environment, etc? I did it once and I was all messed up by not applying scale and rotation, and I’m currently short on time. This was another form of seeing if anyone else was interested, but we need the help too.

I was actually going to say AI isn’t very easy to program but then I thought I was too newbish to say that to a good blenderererer.

Well, you’re right. AI isn’t very simple.

well I think for my part that rigging and animating is the easiest part of making the game…
may have some spare time for your project animating armature is somewhat what Im the better at… (I should try to get better with texturizing… :S)

Thanks Micro. We’ll try to get most of everything done and then you can help when you want. Then we can release it and maybe get a few more people. Thanks.

Any other help would be appreciated in other parts of the game. Still need concept artist, character artist, etc. Thanks for your help people. POLL CLOSED!

Is this about ‘War of Myas’?
I think you should post this in your ‘official’ WIP thread called ‘A First Project’.

Good luck finding those artists,

- AniCator

Well, The name is still under debate. I’m going to start a new thread later, after we get the demo going. Things are kinda tough on my end. It’s Spring/Fall break for everyone and it’s kinda hard to get a hold of them, but we’re still progressing.