Animator Tutorial Series: 01 – Animate a Character Landing

Hi guys!

Just remembered there was a tutorial forum here on BA so I thought I’d share this here =)

Just put it up on tutorials section.

I’ve been lucky to work as an animator professionally for a good few years now, thanks in huge part to being accepted and experiencing the journey known as an ‘Open Movie’ a while back haha. I wanted to try and share to others how I go about animating in Blender, past just the technicals, and more into the creative process (something I don’t see much off for any packages tutorials).

Hopefully there is something that may help you in your own projects! I’d also like to do some more in the future so if there’s any certain action or area in animation that you want to know more feel free to let me know =)

Thanks heaps guys and happy Blending!!

I will definitely try to check this video out!

Thanks :smiley: I will definitely check this out!

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