Animator Wanted - Volunteer - Beginners/Intermediates Welcome

We are a modding team for the 40K game, Gladius - Relics of War and are looking for an animator to help us finish our team. We already have modellers, texture artists and programmers on board (although we can never have enough modellers!) but we don’t yet have an animator. We are looking for someone capable of doing fairly simple animations for a top down view turn based strategy.

The more experience you have, the better, however we are happy to bring on board beginners or intermediates if they can dedicate enough time to the project. We don’t have enough budget to spare to pay for an animator, so volunteers only. Blender experience isn’t necessary but will be useful.

Our previous mod is the most popular on the game’s workshop and Nexus and we plan to create another of the same, or higher, quality level. Our next project is a mod adding new factions to the game that usually aren’t seen in other 40K games. If you are interested in hearing more please DM me.