Animators and Compositors for Primeval:Evolution

Hey everybody, I am currently working on a fan series entitled Primeval: Evolution (Based on the british television series). The series will follow a team of teenagers who investigate rips in time, and try to contain the prehistoric and futuristic creatures that pass through them. Yes i am talking about Dinosaurs and time portals. This series requires a lot of visual effects. And Its a huge task to complete between two people. So,I need animators and compositors, the models of the creatures are already created. All i need is a larger team of animators and compositors. I will post attachments of the creature models that are already designed.
Creatures we have made so far:

And a short compilation:

Thanks guys - Edward Bays (Director/Actor) (Primeval: Evolution/2013)

Hey, i’d be interested in being a compositer :slight_smile: here’s my curret reel (though it’s gettin old so you might wanna check out the newer videos on our channel):

I would be interested.

Hey guys, I’m the current animator on the team, I think Edward’s internet’s down at the moment so I thought I’d better reply here.

Thank you for your interest everyone.

@JumPROper, that reel looks great! If we sent you animated & motion tracked scenes, would you be able to set up the lighting/shadows & render and comp it? That’d really speed things up for us.

@riftmaster you seem to be very good at hard surface modeling. I’m not sure if that’s anything we need right now (Edward mentioned a boat for a later episode, but I think he might be hiring one for that), but do you have experience with animation or compositing?

You can find out more at our Facebook Page.

Funny you should ask, I have been compositing for many years. One question, any reservation on compositing software I am mainly an after effects guy, however I also use blenders node system.


EDIT: just realised my posts don’t make much sense, I had previously sent a message to PrimevalEvolve that is more detailed, I thought I had posted it here as well. I will edit my previous post accordingly.

I’d love to! What would be the best way to send footage back and forth for you?


Thanks everyone!

@JumPROper - I’m thinking of setting up a mediafire account or something similar, properly organised so that people have all the resources they need and can just download and then upload the finished results whenever they need to. That saves millions of emails being sent.

So we’d have an Assets folder, with all the creature models and textures; a raw footage folder, for stuff awaiting animation; an animation folder, for stuff that needs rendering & comping; and a final shots folder.

There’s not much that needs handling at the moment until Edward sends more footage, except for a few anomaly shots which I’m handling (the anomalies are the time portals through which the creatures travel).

If anyone has any questions PM me or send a message to our Facebook,

Any news?