(Animators) How much animation can you complete in a day?

I’m going to try and narrow it down more specific because I’m geniunely curious about the speeds of other animators. Okay, so for a fight scene between two bipedal humans, hand to hand combat with no weapons, on average, How many seconds/frames of animation can you do in a day, reaching the highest possible quality of animation you could possibly do? I typically average about 15-20 seconds a day, working 12 hours straight with no distractions. I made this bit animation in about 5 hours: https://gyazo.com/f87ae54cf5ea82e97c8bddb7f127d0aa What about you guys?

The more time you spend, the higher the highest possible level of quality will be. Until you reach the limits of your ability. One interesting piece that can maybe answer your question: progression reel from Ice Age 3 by Jeff Gabor from Blue Sky studio.

I’m a noob animator but I got like 1 second a day at average. It’s awesome that you can work that long.

I made this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkRczAkHJQc . As you can see it’s basically the simplest animation you can make.


so far I have not worked on such kind of interaction (hand to hand combat or any combat for that matter), so it’s hard to say.
I imagine for a 8 hour work day I could probably achieve -at best- five seconds of relatively polished animation, given I had some more time prior to choreograph the combat itself. Now with a simplistic character like the one you are showing maybe I could manage to chisel out three or four more seconds… I am rather slow, but it depends a lot on the style and level of realism, I think. Nice continuous shot by the way !


yeah those characters arent a point of comparison, try animate a full body character, it takes me about a day (6 to 8 hrs) to complete 5 second of good enough animaiton for advertising per character.

I animate both full body characters and minecraft characters. They’re both almost the same, with minecraft characters being harder to do kicks and blocks with. I plan on moving from minecraft soon, this is likely going to be my last animation with it.

@Kesonmis Thanks for sharing that, that’s really interesting! I was aiming more for TV like quality animation, not feature film.