Animators needed for a 3D animated Lego 'stopmotion' shortfilm


I am currently producing a short Lego ‘stopmotion’ film in Blender.
It is fully modelled and rendered in blender (no real images used) but done to appear as a stopmotion film.

I create all the models from Mecabricks and import to Blender and set up each scene.
But I am not very good at animation (making it look like stopmotion whilst also creating the movement required for each scene).

I am looking for some animators (any ability welcome) to join me and help finish this film.
I am currently in the process of blocking out each scene (apply basic animation for character positions and cameras). So you could either help out by finishing off the animation for those scenes or starting with a new scene.
I have produced most of the required models so could send those to you with sets and the script for the scene.

Let me know if you can help. I would also appreciate consultant help, offering tips and tricks to speed up and improve animation.