Animators Needed

We are curently in need of animators for a FPS game that we are working on. Go to to see what our game looks like. Objects that we need animated include: the solders, guns- bullets, and other objects. Go check out the site and tell me if you are interested.

i don’t get the correlation between the name and the game-plot…

i am second admin over there - i’ll clue you in!

first read the storyboard!

now that you have that fresh in your head…

operation - they were suppose to secure a oil field

iraqi - it is set in iraq

freedom - because they were aborted in mid mission they have to escape to freedom

it is pretty straight forward!

FC_magic - i don't want to undermind you too much but we do have some more things to model so we haven't exactly gotten to animations yet... but everything that has been modeled can start to be animated (adding armatures) starting with the human models! But we are getting there!  ;)

to me it means “iraq’s freedom” or something similar (though i don’t wanna start a political discussion here :)) …i just think it could be misleading.

i agree - let’s not take this off topic! the whole point is that it started off as a recreation of Iraqi Freedom and do to political turmoil we changed it to use the name in a subtle and ambiguous meaning of soldiers escaping iraq to freedom. :wink:

but back to topic - we ned animators (people capable of editing the models to incorporate armatures and perhaps add scripts to constantly bobble head when walking and for moving your hand out as if to open doors when opening doors and to juggle weapons while running - that type of stuff - subtle effects of motion)

we have friedbrain but anyone else?