Animators wanted (for slavery)


i want to make an entire animated movie in blender, something like avatar. This is your chance to work your ass off for free and hope for compensation as soon we find funding, maybe if we win an oscar first. I already had a team of about 12 online-artists, storyboarders, Animators etc. but i dumped them because they were not that efficient (not answering emails for hours, disregarding deadlines etc.). If you think you can do better, i invite you to be part of my team. I however expect that you are an expert on either animation, rigging or concept design. No beginners please, this is a high quality project and i need to trust you first. I have very vague directions that i COULD give you, but i am afraid that you will steal my ideas, so i won’t tell any details here. All applicants have to do a test at first. I think together we can pull this off, it will be very hard work though. I don’t say it is easy.

Yes i am joking, i hope you could tell :wink:

A good laugh. But also a good point.

I am not sure how much of this is serious and how much of it is a joke, but I am definitely interested in whatever you are doing. I cannot invest much of my time right now (I have some very serious deadlines of my own), but I hope that I’ll be able to get more serious later on. I am willing to hear whatever are your ideas. I am able to do concepts, modeling, texturing and animation (visit my blog for examples)

p.s. for those who don’t know Ivo is as pro an animator as they get - he has at least two feature films in his resume!

EDIT: LOL! It IS a joke!

Oops, now i am becoming quite embarrassed. The first post is meants as sarcastic joke/fake inspired by some recent “recruiting” posts i have read in this forum with extremely unrealistic expectations without pay.

Me again:

I agree that there are more than a few posts that offer jobs for free and most of them demonstrate lack of knowledge about the time, money and work-hours which are necessary to make any serious project. However, if someone like Loolarge recruits for a non-pay assignment, there will be ones that are interested (at least I would be) for a simple reason that he has experience in the field and has something to show and say: lookie - I did that :wink:

I’m really interested! I really want to jump-start my career - by working for free. I think working for a semi-anonymous person on the internet would really do me some good. Its ok if you have no experience, script, or cohesive plans - what matters is that you wrote a persuasive post on a graphics forum. I’ll work as hard as you need me to. That is, until my rent is due, the fridge is empty, and my bills are beginning to pile up. But that’s ok, because you’ll find another incredibly eager person to fill my position.

I have to work on my joke telling skills :smiley: … I apologize for this stupid thread

mikahl, i like you attitude. You have great potential. Would you mind moving to a random friend of yours or your parents to support you during the production phase (sorry we don’t have an office for you to sleep at)? Maybe your parents have saved up some money for university that we could use too? I know i am asking for a lot, but it will pay off in the end, you will have not problem finding a job with that sort of credit. I am working really hard to make all this possible!

p.s. You might have to buy a new computer too in order to meet the expected schedule, please send me yours specs. Thanks.

I am a poor student/living at home/unemployed/impulsive poster/ambitious but complete newbie (pick one or multiple), and I would love to work for you, because I truly believe you will succeed if you are just willing to let others do the hard work for you. I have no real examples of my skill, and I have no idea what you are planning, and I expect of course that anything I object to as soon as I know more about the project will be changed, because I should be respected for answering your post. I want full credit for every minor detail I put into the project, and I will forbid you to use any of it as soon as disagreements arise, thus setting back your already doomed project by months. Which doesn’t really matter, because once you have dealt enough with me, I will have killed your interest in the project, a flamewar will have broken out, and the project will be one negative/pessimistic post from shutting down entirely, without a word of warning or subsequent explanation.

Please do not work on the joke skills, nor apologize: Your original post is perfect. I was close to believing it as serious, until the end note, and I was honestly offended a bit, but still impressed that someone might be so frank about their inexperience, naivite and arrogance about a team recruitment post. I hope my own addition does not offend anyone who honestly wants to participate (or already does) in community projects; I run one of my own in here, and I have a small handful of truly and honestly skilled and astoundingly involved people to help make it work. People who post recruitments like the spoof you have here not only insult honest projects, they insult people who are willing to make such investments, because a portion will inevitably try or flatout fall for it. Please, I beg of you, and the BA community, keep this thread going with ludicrous satire of these projects, so people will be more cautious (or more noticeably naive) if they do this sort of recruitment, or join up (whether they are skilled or not). It is, IMHO, a brilliant way to make people think more critically about this, and hence make sure such projects will be more serious in the future. Thank you for the thread :yes:

Please, I beg of you, and the BA community, keep this thread going with ludicrous satire of these projects, so people will be more cautious (or more noticeably naive) if they do this sort of recruitment, or join up (whether they are skilled or not). It is, IMHO, a brilliant way to make people think more critically about this, and hence make sure such projects will be more serious in the future. Thank you for the thread

Why stop at a thread? What about a website with the default wordpress theme - and some stupid project name with no pictures, and a ‘Call for Artists’? I’m noticing isn’t taken :slight_smile:

Oh, and to answer your question Loolarge, sure, I’ll buy a new computer. To get the money, I’ll only have to move out of my apartment, and move into an abandoned boat by the harbourfront. But don’t worry, there’s some spare power outlets from a nearby Marina, so I can keep that computer rendering!

I proclaim this thread as the thread of most epic win on the inter-tube-netz thingy of the computer-machine! :3

I may just love you :smiley: Seriously, if we can broaden the concept a bit (you know, the kind of blue-eyed amateur ambition/abuse is probably not limited to Blender :wink: ), I would put down the money for the hosting right here and now. This is somehow poetically beautiful :yes:

Don’t forget to draw the projects concept art in stick figures, Ms Paint.

“I haven’t worked out the story yet, but I’ve narrowed it down to maybe a scifi or drama or action/adventure or fantasy or maybe a thriller.”

I’m in…

The sad thing is that these kind of joyful-to-read sarcasm posts (and usually the comments in the threads it mocks) have little ability to dissuade people asking for free work to realize their vision. Ever notice how these posts are usually by people with a 0 post count?

My favorite was the kid who wanted everyone to make a WoW style Pokemon MMORPG.

Loolarge, so why are you using Blender and not Maya? What’s the difference, and which one is better? Can we make Avatar with Blender? Didn’t they use Maya?


I think it takes a lot to get people to understand this, but if you/we are just humorously dickish enough about it, I think it can go meme.

Anyway, if people want to set up sarcastic fake projects like this, I set up a forum. I know, it’s just a crappy free forum, the idea is that whenever one of these “projects” comes along, you can just post “oh, like this:” and link to some standardized clearly insane proposition on that forum. Hopefully, we can then provide some FAQs to guide people into not being stupid :slight_smile: think of it as a BA subforum on how NOT to approach amateur projects, but sarcastically so, and open for any subject (I know a lot of DIY rookies who want to build a gazebo the first time they pick up a hammer. Hell, I’ve done worse myself :smiley: ). Edit: As mentioned, if people like the idea, I’ll pony up the few bucks to make it a ‘real’ website.

Plus, BA is not really working well right now for many, not sure why, something technical. And I need my fix of insanity :stuck_out_tongue: PS: I noted it earlier, but should probably restate it: I love the premise of this thread, and if people want to make it more than just a quick joke, my aim is to just buy a website (web address and all, oh my :slight_smile: ) and help draw some added attention to this. I love community projects, and honestly believe that a hard but humorous poke at “hey, do my work for me!” posters would help out the projects that are really worthy of people’s help.

I demand that all my contributions to this project be copyrighted. Uh, that is, if I make any of course. Or even if I don’t so there. What was the question?