animaux de bain | bath toys

My first image in blender is finished
Modelisation with wings3d, and render with blender on ubuntu

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Haha, Cute!

Your bubbles look good, but you have too much refraction with them. Soap Bubbles arent like glass or water bubbles, they refract very little. The reflect, but are mostly transparent.

I agree with ChojinDSL.
Great picture I like it 4 Stars

Cool, I like the shower hose, and the tiles. I agree with the comments on the refractions in the bubbles. But I also think that some of the bubbles are too funky shaped.

Wow very nice models as well as composition :slight_smile:

thanks for all your comments

Imo all bubbles should be round. They usually don’t deform like that. They’re shapes are very regular. Anyways good piece.