anime-a small rant

Don’t get me wrong, I love anime (as in, Japanese animation, for all ye who have not yet heard the term)
I just have a few problems I have to get out of my head.

First, Why does it have to be so sad? Is it really that painful to write a story in which the main character DOESN’T lose at least one, if not all, of his/her close friends/parents/relatives/husband/wife/etc…?

Also, is it just me, or do anime series tend to wrap up much too abruptly and with too little closure? I mean, for example [SPOILERS!!!], Full Metal Alchemist (don’t laugh at the name, the show is actually quite good) runs for 52 (or thereabouts) episodes. Was it really neccesary to try to wrap up the story in about 2 episodes, with one main character in another dimension, all alone, and the other, finally back in his own body, with no memories of everything that happened in the show? Surely there was a better way to wrap that up.
The only two anime series I’ve seen that wrapped up well were Last Exile and Haibane Renmei (incedentally two of my favorites).

Well, I’m done ranting for today…

unless someone brings up the wii…
I’m sorry about the double thread, my computer crashed and I didn’t think it posted. please don’t post in this thread. locking it would be good.

Phew, I thought theeth took my comment about anime personally there and killed it…

um they did have a good way to wrap it up they made a movie.

Full Metal Alchemist: the concorer of shamballa