Anime chara "Aegis of Uruk"

Hi i started using blender a month ago and to make something more complex than my usual project i tried to do an anime chara base to have it for game i’m working on…but that’s not for this topic.

Yesterday i found some great reference on the crunchyroll for a model to make:
It’s Jill from Aegis of Uruk

so for some time now i’m trying hard on modeling the face and i got only this:

Please comment how you like it, 'cause it’s my first project other than that, i’ve made only a half-made bike and a yachtboat but without the sails :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey thats pretty good from what I can tell. Can you post more picture and maybe a wire frame or two? If you search around the forums you can find some really neat work with Anime characters.
Maid-san by FEDB and anything by Migero is great insperation, but there’s lots artist doing anime.
Keep going , it can only get better can’t wait for a game!

This seems like a really cool character to model, and I would like to hear more information on the game you were talking about.