Anime Character WIP, 3ds Max 8

Heh, my first character WIP post in months here…and on off-topic chat since she’s been made in 3ds Max and not Blender. I would like some critiques on it since I do plan to Export the model into Blender where the final Rigging and Shape Keys will take place.


The character’s name is Ayami Sakamoto and will be part of an FF-visual style animation series i’ve had planned out for months. But, I won’t give out any more about her or the series until I have her somewhat completed.

You can post any 3D stuff in WIP forum. That’s what some mods said.

Mods, would you move my post to the WIP forum please?

For the most part the polygon flow looks ok to me. However, I wonder how some of those n-gons will translate into Blender when you export it. Maybe showing a render will make it easier to critisize her appearance.

Rendered/Solid View images:

~Nevermind the funky side of the head of the second image. I’m leaving the N-gons for now since I’ll be refining the back of her head as soon as I’m finished with the overall shape of the face.

It’s good for a head. Heads arn’t exactly easy, huh?