Anime face problem

Hello all.

Dou You guys know how to model an eye part (i have no idea how it is in english) of anime character face? I’d like to have something similar to Tomo’s videos. I think I will use Freestyle for render (any better ideas?).

Thank You in advance.

Noone knows?

3Dguru is working on an anime character, it looks like he just drew the texture. You could just animate the eye using drawn images.

Mesh modeling anime eyes would be difficult.

in this image you see the problem with it, in the girl on the right.
Getting the mesh to deform that much would be difficult.

Thanks a lot. 3Dguru’s posts will help me (not for the first time :P). Do You guys think that Freestyle will be good for anime rendering?

you can use freestyle or the blender toon shader
I’m using blenders toon shader and this is how they can look like:

making of:

PS: i used an texture i made in photoshop with uv mapping :wink: but let the mesh deform for blinking :wink: