Anime Female

I decided to recreate a model that I did in 3ds Max back in the summer of 2007 for 3D Modeling and Rendering class. Back then I did not know what I was doing. I got the idea from a YouTube video.
Here is the first render of the head (I also have the body partially done but I don’t have a render of that yet).

The reference images that I’ve created to use are available on my Patreon (it’s free to download):

I will be posting more images of her as I get them rendered. I’m doing this in Blender and gmax and I’m not going to do the subdivision modifiers until the very end.

Here’s the second head render and the first body render.

I went ahead and added a material that represents her skin color (though not that good in my opinion) but I will deal with textures at a later date (God willing). I have a long road ahead of me but something tells me that I will enjoy the journey.

It is difficult to say something at this stage.

It looks like you do follow a topology based modelling. (Box modelling, poly-by-poly, edge modelling, etc.)
It is not easy, and it easily distracts from the shape you try to achieve. But it is an interesting challenge.

Keep the old chariot rolling.

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I’m aware of that. I just wanted to showcase my progress throughout this adventure. Before I went to sleep, I got to the same point in gmax with both of them (if even one person wants to see those renders, then I’ll showcase those here as well but it will be the same model just done with a different program).