Anime Game Model - Critique Are Welcome

Hey, since i am new to this forum, nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Btw i make some anime model for game, the focus here is not very real-human like but more to manga/japan comic or anime. Thanks in advance for Critique and comments

Almost forget, for the model i havent make any eye or mouth. Too lazy at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, that looks pretty all-right! One thing you might want to do is provide more views, like from the side, and from a 3/4 angle so we can see the shape of the model more.

With models this simple, an awful lot rides on the textures, so you’ll probably be able to get more critique when you’re done them.

Thank you ZombieJohn, btw i have provide side views in original post. And now 3/4 view :slight_smile:

Hey, right on! The feet might be a little too long, but even that is totally acceptable in the style you’re going for, so hey, nice job!

Last thing–could I see what the hands look like?

Sure, this the hand from first model (guy with blue headband). The rest are basicly same, only change in material.

Running in the vein of the feet, the thumb might stand to be a little longer, but that could just be down to the style. Apart from that: Dang man, you really have nothing to worry about. Nice job.

Thanks :slight_smile: that’s really motivated me. I am planing to make dozen or more using same base body. But for now i will take break first, making this three model in 2 day strait was bad idea :smiley: (my shoulder was hurt, i think i got minor Repetitive Strain Injury). Ok, then c y again.