Anime Girl Character in Eevee (WIP)

A couple test renders of an Anime styled character. The head, body, and hair were created with Vroid studio and imported to 2.8 with the gltf importer. You have to convert the .vrm to a .gltf by changing the file extension on your model’s file. Doing so will allow you to import the materials, model, blend shapes, and armature into Blender. Though, I sacked the vrm armature and made my own with rigify… still needs work though XD

The clothes are mostly cloth sims that I stitched together, which was actually the whole point of this project. I wanted to experiment with getting the most optimized natural feeling clothes I can. No easy task, and I’m still figuring it out. If anyone has any tips or pointers to getting cloth running super smooth, or faking cloth (collision armatures?) please let me know!

Hopefully I’ll be doing more with this character in the future!