Anime girl character

I see it is very actuall theme:eyebrowlift:
Here is my character model I’m currently working on.
C&C are wellcome!

On the image below the shoes have been remodeled.
I placed the reference images as background.
Wireframe of the head.

yes greate, I love this caracter

Very very very cute!

Многу ме харесва! Поздрави од Македонија!

Thank you for replies!

CyaNn - You have great thread - GeNiTale III . I really enjoy the development of your character.

Винаги е приятно да чуеш похвала от съсед! Благодаря!
You also have great thread Dwarf Character. Looking forward to see more!

I am thinking to go further and to animate this character, but first, the project needs to be reorganized (renaming objects, materias, clean up of excessive data).

So, if anybody have some tips for cleaning up a blend file, please let me know!

nice style im curious what will you do after rig

Heh, I used to love Digimon… You’ve done an excellent job recreating this character (I don’t remember the names- I watched this when I was younger)

Some crits- Her hair should be pointier, the eyes are too wide, and the eyebrows are too raised. Try to get rid of her surprised expression and make it a little more neutral, like in the reference image. This might be going a little too far, but you could try to model the folds in her shirt and jeans. LohnS showed an amazing anime character (“Red Ringo” Rico, I think?) with well-modeled cloth folds in the WIP forum. If you’d rather not go through the pain of animating the cloth by hand, you could create a normal map instead.

i hardly belive he have’s such skills and time to do that ;p

Like I said, I might be going a little too far with the cloth thing =p Just a suggestion, nothing more.

Her arms are too skinny, and she needs shoulders. Other than that she looks good!:slight_smile:

Lovely character^^
I think that your model is well balanced proportion. I know this model is Digimon’s Ruki(en:Rika?), and also your model reminds me of “EVERYBODY’S GOLF”(PS Game) character.

My humble opinion, what is necessary is to make the around of eyes more in detail.

I’m looking forward to the continuation of your WIP.

This one looks cool, it is hard to make a manga character in 3D but i think you got the feeling right on. My only crit would be that the eyes are too round (compared to the reference pic) and that the eyes are a little too much far away from each other.

Wow! Thank you guys! Your crits are much appretiated!
I will take them all into account for developig the character. Update - soon.
migero is right - I am still beginner in Blender, but really like to get into it quickly.
FEDB - thank you for the hint about the character’s name! I found that reference on the web but didn’t actually knew who I am modelling :o . Now I can look for more references. Thanks!

Here is the update of the character.

  • the mouth is openned now and can be animated;
  • the eyebrows were modeled;
  • added more detail around the eyes, the eyelashes were modeled;
  • the irsis texture now is elongated as on the reference image;
  • the broken heart on the T-shirt is smaller;
  • some corrections of the shape of the face and the body;
  • the hair was remodeled (I think it is now pointier - used dupliverts for the tail);
  • the hands were remodeled (based on a cool japanese tutorial);
    Do you think I should make the belt more detailed or to stick on textured version?
    I have to do some more corrections, and I count on you to help me for the Armature;)

nice model -thats really nice -i really like this one. what are you planning to do with her

Thanks, Nyasha!
I just like anime characters. It is not a part of some project.
I’m planning to learn Blender with her :slight_smile: (modeling, texturing and animation)

wow nice eye texture

from the last shot she looks like rikku from FFX-2 ;p

I wish I could make such model :smiley: - It’s From Incise Soul, isn’t it?
Well, maybe next time :wink:
Yesterday I made something that should be called a quick rig, but it took me couple of hours.
My PC got verry slow when tried to use Envelopes or Weightpaint so I swithced on Vretex Grouping.
What I am doing wrong? Should I turn off SDS modifier when weightpainting?

I tried to pose Ruki as on the reference image. That is the result:

Now I am rendering a turnaround animation and will post it soon.

Can you tell me what is the best rest pose in Blender:
Leonardo pose or feet placed stable on the ground?
I am thinking to do the walkcycle with her but haven’t found yet a suitable Armature set-up for the model. Any ideas?
Here is the turnaround animation
AVI (Xvid, 217KB)

turnaround looks really cool things i noticed are eyes have too small hardnes in secularity
2. ~try to use toon shader and see how that looks
add more lamps then just 1 ~~
other than that i don’t see much quick rig errors

I’m taking a note, thanks!
In the earlier stage I tried FEDB’s toon material settings but they didn’t worked for me. I will try something more simple.

the quick rig looks nice… Can you post more pics of her in different poses