Anime Girl - [peace]

I have always loved the anime style and thought i’d put my own slant on it.
I apologise in advance if the image is slightly pixellated as the original is 2560x 2048.

Any thoughts/c+c appreciated.


Anime and Manga style characteristics :

Big eyes Small Nose Angled cin Thin body !

Good start! Learn proportions:p

Ooh, nice :smiley: (I love manga)

@ snail: thx, appreciateed :slight_smile:
@ oneman: i was going more for the proportions of an anime such as spirited away.

as around 90% of the characters are plump/overweight.
but if i was doings the main character i agree. :slight_smile:

I see!

Nice start then

i might start this as a continous manga/anime thread thing.
anyway got bored so made a new from avatar.

(self-portrait :D)


bye bye :slight_smile:

Hey i am new in forums but i whant to know How to uplode a picture that evryone can see it like in “charliemcf” post… Plz help!