Anime head tips?

Anybody have any tips of modeling an anime-esque head? I’ve done a lot of Googling, and while I’ve come across plenty of useful tutorials on modeling realistic looking heads, I’ve yet to find one that touches on anime. I’m beginning to doubt such a tutorial exists. I’ve got no problem with modeling the bodies of anime characters, since they aren’t exactly very different from human bodies, but the anime faces I create look horrible.

And so I’ve just come to ask for some general advice instead. I’ve been using Blender for awhile, so I already know the basic tools and modeling techniques, and don’t really need a step by step tutorial. I just want some professional opinions on how to get the rough shape of the head right, how to model the eye(socket) of the character, and how to model its nose and how I should do the mouth (do anime character
s generally have lips anyway?). I’ll stress again that I don’t need to be told the details step by step (although it’d be a plus if somebody would do so), I just wanna know how the said parts of the model are generally … modelled.

I’d actually attempted to research it a little myself. Looking at a couple of the anime models available can help.

Try looking at the topology of the Maid san model that’s in the Blender Artist Magazine issue 14 files. There’s also the .blend file for the Vocaloid 2 character Hatsune Miku done by Kio that can be found on his blog (just scroll down to where it says blender data on the right side).

I’d also come across some modeling method on a japanese website (mind you - i can’t read japanese at all, so it’s more just following the pictures):
Page 1
Page 2

Haven’t really tried applying the technique yet, as I only found it a couple days ago. I’m actually trying to figure out the same thing. It seems like it follows a kind of workflow that blender should be able to mimic if you know about the ctrl+right click method of placing vertices.

Looking up some 3d anime models at random, I see similar topologies for them all around, so at the least this might be a start in the right direction for these kinds of heads.

Thanks for the speedy reply, Haledire. I’ve already seen the Miku model (although I haven’t downloaded it before), but not the Maid model. I’ll go and snag both. The guide looks easy enough to understand pictorially (like you, I can’t read a single word of Japanese), and I’ll give the technique a try later on. Thanks for the help!