Anime Lady

I would love some help with this little lady.

She is in the anime style.

Please tell me what I can do to make her better???

theres no images ? [!]

I got the pictures up now please take a look! %|

Overall a pretty nice job. From what I can tell of the jumbled mess of wireframe, the loops look good. However, I think the face overall is just a little too flat. I realize that it is anime, but still there needs to be a little more depth. Giving the face some more depth will also make the head not look so big.

The eyes are strange in my opinion, they aren’t really anime shaped, yet you have anime eyes. You may want to work on sharpening some of the corners of the eyes, though I guess not anime would have this.

Nice job so far.

The nose and eyebrows (the bones, not the hair) need more definition. What works for anime drawings doesn’t work for anime models, sadly. This model is just too simple, even for being cartoony. (the mouth is nice enough tho’).
Also, the upper part of the skull (whatever it’s called) is way out of proportion.
I’d try adding eyelids, but that might ruin the anime look You’re aiming at.

Please, continue.

I will work the mesh a little and see if I can get it a little more round. Thanks for the help!

Well I did want to keep it simple but I think you are right more detail is needed. Thank you for your post this is the kind of help I am needing.

mikemayday and forTe thanks for your post !

Will update soon!

all 8i can say it looks like a green eyed casper but i can’t say anything, I can’t model for S$%T
good work, Anime FOREVER!!!

It’s a good start, I’d bring the upper eyelids down to lessen the shocked look she has just now. Also, block in the hair as you work, just as a basic reference - you’ll find it will help a lot.

Did some work last night on her. I hope that I am heading in the right direction with this mesh???

Does anyone know of good Anime Tutorial or any anime tutorial at all!

So far this model is coming along very nicely! The nose still need some work, it seem far to simple imo, I love the eyes, they not the usual anime, and work really well. I wouldn’t use Putfile, try photobucket or imageshack. Than link the image with IMG tags. I would just use basic head tutorials for other 3d programs. This seems to be a decent head tutorial, looks like your character too.

Mike Comet does a good anime head tutorial for Max, but you can follow it fine in blender. You’ll have to download the zip file:

hey man, good work.
please take a look to my job, suggestions and critics are welcome.


Sorry to be off-topci. But from my experience hijacking threads like that is considered very rude. If you want to post your own work in someone elses thread you should have a good reason to do so.

The head is progressing pretty good here, some more detail and you’ll be set!

I want to keep the mesh simple so the only thing I did was to reshape the top and back of the head now the top and back are about 25% smaller. the face is the same size though.

I need some help though How does one make anime style hair?

Thanks for all the C&C and please let me know what you think of the mesh…

even for the anime style your face is still too flat… round the face out so that from a top view it looks more like an oval rather that a ball of dough that was left on the counter for too long…

Try looking up 2d anime drwing totorials to get an idea what i mean…

also when modeling… its pretty hard to model with out references… make sure you are using some sort of background pic especialy if your mew to 3d modeling…

I did some fine tuning to mesh…

What do you think?

I am still having %&^$ with the hair! But I will keep at it.

She looks wall eyed…

Good start, and keep it up.

I totally can’t wrap my head around blender at all so feel free to not listen to me or anything but I’d like to make a suggestion or two.

I was going to say that you had the eyes too low on the dace but you seem to have fixed that now. The general rule of thumb I try to work to is that the topmost part of the eyelids should rest on the centreline of the face between the top and the chin. I found in that past that it seems to be a good rule of thumb to stick to to get anime-like proportions in drawings without making the forehead look over-large.

One thing I would suggest is that the eyes are too far apart. I’ve found it somewhat harder finging a hard-and-fast rule that works in these circumstances, but making the eyes one eye-width apart should help get the proportions a bit closer to something that looks right. Eye spacing is a very tricky thing to get exactly right though, because it can profoundly affect how a viewer would percieve the portrayed character. Placing the eyes close together may not work on your hero character for example, but might be perfect for a greedy character, giving them more of a piggy look. (note, by eye width, I mean the width of the visible part of the eyeballs, not the entire ball meshes)

Finally, there seems to be a very visible crease along the vertical centreline of the face, but I assume you’re working on that already. :slight_smile:

Well I moved the eyes closer together and made an ear.

I would like some help with the ear is it too small and is to in the right place??? I have no idea where to put it!

Your continued help is much appreciated… [!]

I have been working on her body and have started to build her armor.

But what I need is help with my ears are they the right size are they in the right place???

I ask this before but no posts… %|