does anyone know of any good tuts for modeling anime-like faces?
By this I mean faces like those seen in japanese comics and cartoons. I’m not looking necessarily for tuts on how to make the faces cell-shaded I just need to know how to make the faces.
I tried on my own but failed when it came down to the face and nose.

I’d really appreciate all the help.

P.S. since I’m still relatively new to blender. any tut would be helpful, but I’d really appreciate if you can direct me towards one with good, detailed instructions.

P.P.S I better be off see if I can find some myself (AGAIN… lol!)

actually the most common methods are the same for doign realistic modelling, you make a front and side background picture and go through either patch modelling or subdivision modellign till you have an image you like.

i don’t know any sites off hand with good picture based modelling but i’m sure with a quick web search you could find one. There was a really good one a while back that was done with blender too if someone knew it.


One problem with modelling Anime faces is that the drawings don’t necessarily lead to a real 3D shape :confused: so your model might look very good from one perspective and off from another. In general, anime faces are just regular faces with different proportions. To experiment, you could take a normal face and play with the porportional editing. i.e. point the nose and the chin, shrink or remove the nostrils, reduce the height of the bridge of the nose recede and widen the forehead, either reduce or exaggerate the edge of the brow line. The hardest part would be the eyes, since the style varies greatly from artist to artist.

P.S. Sorry, not really good detailed instructions, I haven’t really tried modelling anime, although I watch enough of it…

P.P.S. Try not to make ALLCAPS TOPIC NAMES. It won’t make any more people read your post

you could check, they have a great tutorial on modelling an anime character. Its done in maxe though, and the face is made with patches, but it could still be rather useful…
and the body is regular box modelling, so it is easily translatable to blender, and theres even a section on the hair.
good luck :smiley: