Anime/Manga tips

I’m sure there are a bunch of people around here who would be able to help with this.

I have no real clue about anime and manga, but for some of the films and series I’ve seen, I have enjoyed them thoroughly. I’ve watched Ghost in the Shell, the movies and the 2nd gig series. I’ve also watched of course Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and Akira… But that’s all really, and I honestly don’t know where to start when it comes to finding other stuff like it.

What I liked about all those that I’ve watched so far, is that they tend to have deeper spiritual and supernatural, as well as philosophical elements, and I would really like to watch more like it. I’m not really interested in anime for the sake of entertainment, but as an art form, so I’m looking for the good stuff, that will leave an impression on me like the movies and series I’ve watched so far have.

Oh, I’ve also watched Full Metal Alchemist the series. That was ok, but bordering perhaps a bit too much on the entertainment side. It still was very enjoyable of course.

So, any tips? Oh, and it doesn’t matter if it’s only in Japanese, as long as I can get subs.

  • all movies from the Ghibli studio
  • Ninjascroll
  • Vampirehunter D: Bloodlust
  • Blood: The last vampire
  • Tokyo Godfathers

I would highly recommend the following to anyone that wants an anime with intelligence:

Mushishi (Absolutely amazing anime)
Gasaraki (A good anime if you’re looking for a mix of sci-fi and something spiritual, though the ending leaves you hanging)
Planetes (Brilliant character driven anime)
Neo Genesis Evangelion (It’s Evangelion, not much else to say)
Elfen Lied (If you can look past the art style, there’s a very smart, yet tragic and disturbing story here)
Genshiken (Very funny comedy)
Darker Than Black (Action/Sci-fi with intelligent characters and deep, well thought out plot)
Trigun (Action/Comedy/Sci-fi, a great anime with brilliant pacing and storytelling)
Gungrave (Even though it starts off as a bad action anime, if you continue to watch past the first 2 episodes it turns into an amazing character driven anime with a good, involving plot)
Monster (This anime sets the standard for the use of suspense, brilliant anime from the episode 1 to episode 74, something not easily achieved)
Furi Kuri (Brilliant psychedelic anime)


:smiley: You should watch/read

like Sago said, all the Studio Ghibli movies,

FullMetal Alchemist

Death Note (to get an idea of currently popular anime and how insane they can be)

Steam Boy, and Akira. (Akira is kinda uhhh… gory… and has some pointless junk it in though if you don’t want to see that)

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WATCH FURI KURI, FOOLY COOLY, FLCL, フリクリ or WHATEVER ELSE YOU WANT TO CALL IT. o.o a lot of people say this anime is absolutely amazing. what they see in it, I have no clue. they say if you watch past the first episode its amazing. I did. It still sucked.

The main problem with anime is that too many of the characters are whiny emo wimps.

GITS is pretty awesome though.

Without starting a war about anime, suffice to say that there are just as many types of anime as there are movies, books, games etc… so if you say that, then you haven’t seen enough of what is out there.


Two series worth watching!

Serial Experiment Lain

Best anime ever!

Ehem, Furi Kuri, in my opinion, IS amazing. Though the hyper pace of the story can be very confusing to follow. Try watching it again. There’s a lot of subtle plot lines in there that are hard to pick up on, I watched it twice before understanding the whole thing.


PS: There’s no point in screaming out your opinions like that either, even if you didn’t like it, someone else might, and if they read your comment and decide not to watch it they could miss out. So don’t be so selfish.

Trigun is great. And X.

Lets not forget Cowboy BeBop

I agree, Berserk is cool. However… maybe not so “Anime” as the others. One of the best manga/cartoons I’ve seen. Ends short and with very bad fashion, in my opinion, though.

I think I said it best in this post:

Also, I must add:

DEATH NOTE = pure genius…

Did anyone else almost die waiting for those last 40 seconds in episode 36…man that was intense. “Cliffhanger” redefined.

If you have not watched Death Note yet, you are missing out.

PS: Evangelion should not be watched - ever… All the art & design work that went into that series was completely wasted…on whiny children.

Ok, let me rephrase that.

Too much of the anime I’ve seen is about emo whiny wimps.

Ah, yes…Death Note is really hyped but it’s one of those very rare hypes which are worth it. The characters are amazing, story even quite surprising at times and extremely thrilling.

Good choice on GITS, by the way, it is definitely among my very favourite ones as well. Similar themes occur in Texhnolyze and Ergo Proxy but both of them are not really up to anything of the GITS Universe. There’s also Lain, as someone suggested already.
Evangelion should be watched but opinions here always differ greatly…

So yeah, if you want general recommendations, many of the Series mentioned in this thread are a good thing to start - I’d also suggest Higurashi no naku koro ni if you want a more recent series, which is quite…well, brutal and intense. Or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann if you want some nice Mecha Actions made by the same Studio as NGE (GAINAX - which means amazing animation), again a quite strange story but good entertainment with a twist…

I’ll second (or third) Serial Experiments: Lain. Awesome series. Haibane Renmei was done by the same people and is also quite good.

As others have already said, watch the entire Neon Genesis Evangelion series, and then watch End of Evangelion. You’ll either love or hate the ending, but you won’t soon forget it.

If you want a good psychological thriller, Perfect Blue was also highly enjoyable.

For light-hearted stuff, I loved Love Hina, You’re Under Arrest, and Azumanga Daioh.

Onegai Sensei (Please Teacher) was surprisingly enjoyable and warm hearted for something that was borderline ecchi (or at least trying to market itself as such).

Hmm … I’ll have to try and think of some others.

Evangelion was the only one I was going to recommend. I don’t like any other anime. I thought it was a really awesome show, and some of it was pretty gruesome and intense. It has one messed up plot though.

I still recommend you watch it.

Eh, I don’t know why you lot like death note so much, at first it was great but then it got soo boring and unrealistic that I almost hanged myself in agony.

One to add to the list: Hunter X Hunter. Some bits are a bit lame but overall its probably one of the best animes /manga i’ve watched /read. You may find the main character’s voice a bit annoying too, since she’s the one that does naruto.

Claymore is pretty cool, infact im disappointed the manga is monthly not weekly. However the anime in last 2 eps of current season doesnt follow the manga (manga is thus better) anime is 26ep long atm.

Bleach /Naruto you might like. The story did in my opinion get ruined with lack of overall quality, i.e. in bleach every single character seems to go “hey thats my line” about a million times per episode.

If you like some of the more short-run animes which are more funny rather than story-line intense, then FLCL, club to death angel dokuro-chan, + a few i cant remember are funny :slight_smile:

depending on the type of anime you like, :

*fruit basket
*Suzumiya Haruhi
*3 X 3 eyes <---- pretty old anime, remember seeing some of it on tv when i was little. took me ages to track down the name and get the DVD
*Laputa, also under the name of “castle in the sky” i believe. Another film i watched when little <3 it. brother killed me when i lent it to my m8 whom’s VCR chewed up :’(
*Metropolis wasn’t too bad
*Ninja scroll isn’t too bad either
*outlaw star - meh i guess.
*Goku’s midnight eye was an interesting film. be warned, nakidness… not quite hentai though.

The thing that really drew me into the plot was the ever evolving complexities of the intellectual “cat and mouse” game between Kira and his adversaries. Not to mention the creativity of executed moves and/or counter-moves (Like how Penbar was manipulated to kill all of his fellow FBI agents currently in Japan…that was just brilliant)

I’v never seen anything like that in an anime before.

Also, I think the allure of Death Note is due in no small part to it’s ability to just outright play with your head and the seemingly established notions of right and wrong. I mean there were definitely episodes where I found myself rooting for Kira; even at the point where “authentic justice” obviously took a back seat to his own ego.

That was definitely bizarre…

Either way, I really think it would have been nice if they did 2 versions of the ending episode - one where Kira prevails, in addition to the original. It would be so interesting to see that alternative.

…I’m ranting at this point…sorry, but I just think the world of this exceptional series.

BTW, if anyone is interested to watch the dubbed version, [adult swim] is playing Death Note episodes every saturday at 12AM. They just started last week with episode 1. You can also watch it on

Bleach and Naruto are too mainstream.

The guy’s looking for something deeper than just standard shōnen anime.

What I liked about all those that I’ve watched so far, is that they tend to have deeper spiritual and supernatural, as well as philosophical elements, and I would really like to watch more like it. I’m not really interested in anime for the sake of entertainment, but as an art form, so I’m looking for the good stuff, that will leave an impression on me like the movies and series I’ve watched so far have.

Death Note’s mostly good, the plot gets a tad unbelievably weak occasionally, but it’s great animated.

You can try Bokurano too. It’s about dying and what would you sacrifice your life for. Though you should stop watching the anime midway, it diverges and messes up the storyline of the manga.

Although dubbed into english I suggest Afro Samurai with some brilliant voice overs by Samuel Jackson and Ron Perlman the best quote ever from an anime “Challenge me when you are ready to duel with a god!”