Anime Studio 11 is out!

Looking really good. I love the new referencing options. I am going to update today.

New features include:

  • frame by frame animation! (finally!)
  • layer referencing - including referencing objects in linked files. Great for team projects.
  • animated shape ordering, animated bone target, animated bone parenting
  • improved photoshop file import
  • tools and brushes improvements
  • show and hide animation channels (finally! I was waiting for this one!)
  • layer enhancements, such as group with selection layers.
  • “gradient mesh” type colour point tools for improved vector shape colouring

And much more. You can find an exhaustive list, which includes tutorial videos, here:

nice, remember doing some real jobs with this tool in the moho times, it was great

I would buy it if they didnt dump linux support

I’ve had those thoughts myself but I find blender is good enough for doing 2D animation as any. Creating SVG in Inkscape and importing into Blender is a solid pipeline.

That’s what I was thinking about many apps back in the days. Then I dumped Linux and all problems went away :yes:

Are you guys following some principle or just don’t have $130 to get a copy of Windows? (just wondering)

Which year was it again that windows was shipped with virtual-desktops? Maybe we will even see a usable filebrowser someday…

edit: damn…I spent post #100 on this :confused:

are you then mainly working with 2D orthographic cameras? What I miss with Blender is the pixel perfect position when doing 2d animation compared to after effects or here anime studio.

Oh that old Moho from Marble Studios hahaha I remember that one bought a license when I was a student in 2002.

Yes mostly Ortho views but also perspective view where I minimize distortion and lock transformation on certain axes. I have not been in a situation where I needed pixel perfection in Blender (yet) but I can imagine if I´m working on lowres output it would make more sense. Generally speaking in any 3D-software where I´m working on a sideview-scroll animation I make sure I have a background plate and Camera Safe Regions to match the animation and output. Do you have an example where you find working on animation in Blender is insufficient and where pixel perfection fails?! Would be interesting to know:)

Rigging and animating characters in Anime Studio is straight-forward and is the reason why I started using it when it was Moho in 2004-ish, that and the insane low price was the reason :slight_smile: But one of the most outstanding feature of Blender for using it for animation is how fast I can animate characters using the Auto-IK feature which is nothing short of really awesome and can not be found elsewhere. It is so underestimated and overlooked.

I guess you didn’t bother to Google:

Windows 10 will come with native virtual desktops.

I don’t find Windows’ file browser any less usable than Linux’s (Ubuntu).

Moho used to be available on all platforms…